Self-Coaching Tools

Self-coaching tools are invaluable resources designed to empower individuals in their personal and professional lives. "Art 'til Infinity" self-coaching tools are tailored to help clients discover new perspectives, deepen self-awareness, and take effective actions. By providing a set of worksheets and exercises, we aim to assist clients in their journey of self-improvement, creative exploration, and personal growth.

Study Planners and Action Plan

Set clear and achievable academic goals. Define your short-term and long-term artistic goals. Break them down into actionable steps, and create a timeline for their accomplishment.

Assess Strength and Weakness Creatively

Identify areas of improvement in your creative process.Analyze your artistic strengths and weaknesses. Develop a plan to leverage your strengths and address your weaknesses through skill-building and practice.

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Creative Vision Board Worksheet

Discover and visualize your creative aspirations. Create a vision board with images, quotes, and ideas that inspire your artistic journey. Reflect on your goals and the steps you need to take to achieve them.

Mindful Art Journaling

Develop self-awareness and manage your emotions.Use art as a form of journaling to express your thoughts and emotions. Observe how your art evolves over time as you explore your feelings and experiences.

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Self-Reflection and Feedback Worksheet

Enhance self-awareness and gather insights from others. Reflect on your recent artistic projects and gather feedback from peers, mentors, or yourself. Identify areas for growth and improvement.

Time Management and Prioritization Tool

Improve time management for art projects.Create a weekly schedule to allocate time for art-related activities. Prioritize tasks and identify time-wasting habits to make the most of your creative hours.

At Art Til Infinity we initiate artistic workshops and conduct group & one on one art related activities which helps in improving socio education relationships, promote joy , harmony , self-expression and help find more clarity and meaning to life. We also aim at utilizing ones free time with leisure activities and discovering new potential with in individuals of all ages.

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