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For the past 10 years, Art Till Infinity, led by certified workshop facilitator & Creative Coach Mrs. Jaee Tondare, has been at the forefront of fostering creativity and artistic expression to all age groups. Our creative training programs , including self-development workshops, Goal Planning , Social Emotional Learnings which stand out for transformative impact, offering participants not just artistic skills but help discover new potential within individuals of all age groups, help find more clarity & meaning to life, improve socio economic relationships, and promote joy & harmony . Our holistic workshops are meticulously designed to bring about positive change in all aspects of life, promoting a deep sense of achievement. We are dedicated to provide an enriching experience’s that resonate on a profound level, believing in the power of creativity to unlock untapped potential. With a proven track record, Art Til Infinity is the choice for those seeking a transformative journey where creativity meets purpose, leading to personal growth, innovation, and lasting positive change.


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Why Choose Us

Creative Coaching Academy and an Open Art Campus


Discover art's transformative power, nurture your creativity, and experience personal growth with our holistic approach at Art Till Infinity.


Lifelong learning with Art Till Infinity: Explore, evolve, and grow through art. Your journey to endless discovery starts here.


Join us at Art Till Infinity - a vibrant community celebrating creativity's transformative power, fostering positive change in schools, workplaces spreading joy and harmony


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At Art Til Infinity we initiate artistic workshops and conduct group & one on one art related activities which helps in improving socio education relationships, promote joy , harmony , self-expression and help find more clarity and meaning to life. We also aim at utilizing ones free time with leisure activities and discovering new potential with in individuals of all ages.

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